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Sol Trickey

Vancouver Based Entrepreneur

As a land developer, Sol Trickey oversees the acquisition of property and the subsequent planning and construction for specific use of the land. Trickey constantly takes into account property value, economic trends and zoning ordinances when assessing land for potential projects. Occasionally, Trickey applies to localities and works with regional planners to rezone and subdivide parcels of land.

Over the course of his career, Trickey has taken on a number of job titles and specialties, including administrative and regulatory duties such as zone ordinances and construction permits. Sol also focuses on market analysis and researching construction regulations and environmental restrictions when considering property. They make projections that assess potential profitability based on population growth, traffic patterns, local taxes and other factors.

As a Property developer, Sol Trickey researches land and property opportunities and evaluates the feasibility of a project, working out the best use for the land or property. Following this, Trickey will then plan the property development, including the schedule and costs. Depending on the project, Sol will then work with architects, builders, and local councils. As the development progresses Sol will visit the construction site frequently and direct various activities.


Other components of his role include:

  • Ensuring that there are clear title deeds for every project.
  • Obtains all the legal, regulatory and statutory clearances.
  • Confirms if the land has any legal dues.
  • Secures the required finances from funding institutions.

As a developer, Sol Trickey is well aware of the market condition, which is a crucial component for being successful in the business. Trickey maintains strong connections with local businesses and government in order to get help and accomplish projects on time.Trickey works to create  dynamic developments that provide positive fiscal impacts to neighborhood communities, while utilizing designs to incorporate green building practices and sustainable materials. As a developer, Trickey is often apart of a large team of architects, contractors, landscapers, politicians, real estate agents, and numerous other professionals.Having a good interaction with these people is of utmost importance for Sol as it makes for a more seamless project.

Sol Trickey  is a self-motivated, ambitious, organized individual with a strong attention to detail and a sense of urgency for critical deadlines. He is a self-starter who has the ability to work independently and lead project teams through the land development process. Sol Trickey strives to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each individual is encouraged to contribute to our overall processes, decisions, planning, and culture. For more information about land development in Vancouver visit Sol Trickey’s blog!