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So you’ve decided to start your own business. This time in your life will be some of the most exciting, yet you will likely have never worked harder. Entrepreneurs face more challenges than those who are put into existing leadership roles. From the smallest decisions, to hitting the “launch” button on the business, an entrepreneur of any age has to be ready for what lies ahead. Here are some tips that any emerging business person needs to know, before building their new empire.


Risk Taker or Play if Safe


One of the best pep talks an entrepreneur can endure, is with themselves. If you are launching a business solo, then you’ll need to determine which side of the professional you see yourself. Most of the successful entrepreneurs of today will tell you that you need to be a risk taker. However, it ultimately is up to you to decide your fate. If you have the flexibility and stability to be a risk taker, go for it. However, many entrepreneurs play it safe their first few times around. Regardless, you are taking a risk by starting your own business in the first place, so I always say, no harm, no foul in taking a bit of a leap of faith.


Document Everything


A piece of advice that all new entrepreneurs should hear at least once, is the concept of writing everything down. The smallest ideas could turn into something great and if you pass it over without writing it down, it could be gone forever. In addition to documenting ideas, any challenges you face and how you overcame them, is another documented aspect of your entrepreneurship journey. Finish your day with a journal entry about accomplishments and soon enough, you’ll have enough to become a published author (hopefully!).




The trials and tribulations that come along with starting your own company are going to seem as though they swallow up all of your time. In the initial phases of your entrepreneurial endeavors, make sure you are networking as much as possible with those relevant to your industry. This could be as simple as sitting in LinkedIn for 20 minutes a day and connecting with like-minded industry leaders. In addition, you could also seek out conferences and events that allow you to share your business plan as well as pick the brains of others who have been down a similar path.