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Every entrepreneur grapples with finding the most reliable way to maintain a brand’s online presence. Fortunately, social media tools can help business owners attract prospects while retaining the brand’s publicity. Investing in such tools is critical for startups and renowned businesses.
For instance, these tool kits help in social media management by organizing all the brand’s accounts in one place. This implies that business owners can access multiple sites, publish, and advertise a product hassle-free. While there are plenty of options to choose from, finding the best social media management tools can be challenging.

Best Social Media Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Every social media tool kit is distinct and is priced based on its convenience. Small business owners can choose a viable social media management tool from the following:

1. Hootsuite

For entrepreneurs looking for an entry-level social media manager, Hootsuite should be a must-have. This tool lets business owners monitor and post everything across all their social media platforms at once. Most entrepreneurs prefer Hootsuite because of its excellent features, convenience, and affordable pricing.

Business owners have the freedom to manage Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest accounts with ease. Hootsuite comes with excellent features offering insightful analytics, post-approval procedures, team management, and social listening tools. Business owners can choose from Hootsuite’s various plans, such as the $19 monthly plan that can be accessed by one person or multi-user plan that could cost from $129 per month.

2. Sprout Social

This social media management kit comes with a price-conscious package, allowing business owners to access content management, analytics, social listening, and post scheduling packages. This tool also can manually set when to post or use particular algorithms and schedule when to post.

3. Buffer

Buffer is the best alternative for highly experienced business owners working under a budget. Business owners can choose from two packages; the free plan, excluding analytics and scheduling, and the premium plan costs $15 per month. Regardless of the selected plan, Buffer doesn’t offer customer service functions and social media monitoring.

4. Everypost

This tool is simple, streamlined, and affordable, providing its users with social media management. Everypost doesn’t offer advanced features but can cater to a company’s needs adequately. Though the tool has a free membership plan, business owners might consider purchasing a monthly pro plan worth $9.99 for a unique experience.

5. Sprinklr

Renowned and established companies might consider Sprinklr as it comes with several customizable features. It is, therefore, perfect for companies with established social media strategies. However, Sprinkler can be quite costly for some business owners as the initial plans cost approximately $60000 annually.