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Working hard often gets twisted up in the long hours, sacrificing time and climbing the corporate ladder. Many people think they have to do all of these things to make it in life. The truth is that you do have to work hard, but you don’t have to put the rest of your life on the back burner to be successful. We have the three entrepreneurial myths to know and ignore.


Myth 1: Working hard means working all of the time.


Just because you put in a 14-hour workday doesn’t mean you’re consistently working at your top level. Many people think working an 80-hour workweek makes them successful. When you work this many hours, you’re lowering the quality of your work. The secret is to be efficient while being productive. Give all of yourself when you’re working, then step away. Cut down your hours, but make every minute count.


Myth 2: You’ll have the perfect future if you work hard right now.


Society seems to think it’s best to work hard during their prime years, taking them away from family. The secret to success is to chill out a little in those prime years, so you can spend time with those you love. This doesn’t mean you give up on your career. It means you enjoy life, then go for wild pursuits later in life. You won’t try so hard to keep up with everyone around you and miss important occasions.


Myth 3: You’re lazy if you don’t work enough.


Everyone seems to think working a lot means you’re working hard. People feel lazy if they have free time. People don’t know how to fill the time and think they aren’t working enough. In reality, working less is about knowing how to spend your free time. It’s about filling life with worthwhile things after you work hard. You’ll feel empowered by all you can accomplish without working a million hours a week.


Hard work is about working less and working harder. Give all of yourself while you’re working, then let go to have fun. You won’t go into overdrive or wear yourself out if you do your best in a shorter amount of time.