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Do you feel like you’re being passed up for a promotion? What do managers look for in an employee when considering them for a promotion? Read on to find out:

They are Team Players

Everyone loves a team player: coworkers, bosses, and colleagues. That is just one of the reasons why team players tend to be promoted more quickly than others who may be more focused on themselves. How can you prove that you’re a team player? Demonstrate your ability to be a team player by pitching in to help without being asked, volunteering for a task, or working collaboratively with a group. Team players receive promotions before team members who are not team players. Keep this in mind!

They are Always Learning

In any job, the more you learn, the better you will be. That’s exactly why management looks out for employees who are constantly learning. When you are constantly reading and learning about your subject matter, it proves that you take this seriously and want to move up in the company. It also shows that you are a dedicated professional. There are many ways to learn that don’t just include reading. You can be proactive and ask for a mentor within your company, or sign up for a free online course. Take matters into your own hands and prove that you are constantly learning and growing in your industry.

They are Easy to Get Along With

High performers are in tune with the people around them and can sense when they need something. This makes them easy to get along within the office. They tend not to cause disruptions or conflict and most people like them. This is not a popularity contest, but it does show that the person has really strong soft skills and interpersonal skills. The better employees get along, the better a business proceeds. These employees understand the importance of positive relationships in the office and by promoting them, the company is increasing that positivity.

If you feel like you’ve been passed up for a promotion, don’t fear! There are actionable steps you can take the help you get that next promotion. Hiring managers look for certain things when offering a promotion to an employee: team players, always learning and easy to get along with.