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Compared to America, Canada has often appeared to be the lesser of two entrepreneurial forces. Millennials in Canada, however, are starting to switch things up as more of them choose to make the leap from 9-to-5 employee to leader, founder, and owner. Their near innate knowledge of modern technology, coupled with a somewhat precarious financial situation compared to the generation prior, places Millennials in a unique position that is ideal for business startups.

Millennials are twice as likely to pursue entrepreneurial dreams according to a public opinion survey reported by the Daily Hive.  Many are attracted to thoughts of flexible hours, control, and the pursuit of a passion that isn’t impeded by decisions made before their time. Others are drawn in by false impressions that include unlimited vacation time, vast sums of money quickly, and a work less-earn more attitude.

It is important that these particular entrepreneurs understand that running a business is a full-time career with real boundaries and demanding expectations. Unless they have the mental and emotional fortitude to create and abide by a strict set of operating guidelines, many of them will not achieve the fame and fortune they desire.

In Canada, there are numerous organizations coming forth to help these young entrepreneurs working towards their dream of business ownership. More mentors, lenders, and support groups are now available to help Millennial entrepreneurs push towards their fullest potential.

Futurpreneur Canada, for example,  is an organization that helps young business owners find the financing and mentorship needed to grow a successful business from the ground up.  

Consider Chrystal Macleod of Vancouver. She was a young entrepreneur who was initially unable to fund her ambitions on her own accord. It was extremely important for her to find financing through other sources if she was going to succeed in her dream of running a cosmetic and skincare company. Futurpreneur provided Macleod with $15,000 of seed money that got her business off the ground and helped to make Harlow Atelier the successful company it is today.

Futurpreneur Canada is not the only resource available to this ambitious crowd. Several online resources exist for Canada’s vast collection of aspiring Millennial entrepreneurs. With such a strong network of support available to them, it is becoming quickly apparent that this is a surely an entrepreneurial generation worth observing.